Help With Using the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club Website


  Contact LBWC Website User Support Here 


  • Use the website on a desktop computer, laptop, notebook or tablet that has a larger screen. The website format on a smartphone is not as user-friendly.
  • ⁠ALL MEMBERS are to click LOGIN regardless of whether their membership is current or has expiredDo NOT click "Register to Join."  Doing so will create a duplicate member account/record for you in the system which CANNOT be fixed.
  • "Lake Barcroft Woman's Club" on the top bar is always visible to click to return to the Homepage.
  • After logging in, your name on the top bar is always visible to click for the dropdown menu to access your Dashboard which includes your Profile and Account.
  • Website Class Handout: Get to Know the Woman's Club Website* to navigate and access various areas of  the website. (Nov. 2021)
  • Website Class Handout: Keeping Abreast of Club Happenings to access regularly updated LBWC information and to update your member profile information. (Nov. 2021)
  • Website Class Handout: How to Resolve Common Error Messages* when logging in and entering information into the website. (Nov. 2021)

*Note that the email address for notifications sent automatically to you has changed to "" since the above Website Class Handouts were prepared.

How do I log into the website?

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