Member Events Refund Policy

This policy was adopted for handling refund payments to members for member events such as for the annual Holiday Party and mid-winter member social events, where refunds are permitted.

⁠The website system allows the transaction fee:

  • be a separate line item from the event price at checkout or
  • be part of the event price and not be shown at checkout. This approach requires the fee to be calculated into the event price and is LBWC's preferred pricing method.

Note that takes its fee when the transaction is processed. LBWC receives only the after-fee balance of the transaction.


||  Reputation Level


  • Any refund request must be made directly to the Treasurer no later than seven (7) days before the date of the event.

  • Online payments will be refunded for the stated event price. Any separately charged website fee amount will NOT be refundable.

  • Refunds for online payments will not be made through the website to preserve the website's 'Perfect' Reputation Level. A lower Reputation Level affects the availability of funds processed by the website system.

  • For payments by check, the member's check will be returned.

  • If agreeable with the member, the payment made for the stated event price (excluding any separately charged website fee) can be donated to LBWC programs instead of being refunded to the member.


Board approved 11/22/2022; amended 5/10/2023