It is the many behind-the-scenes Woman's Club volunteers who come together to make the Independence Day Parade, the Halloween Parade, the Easter Egg Hunt, and the charity fundraiser events memorable for Lake Barcroft families and their friends every year

Photos of the 2022 Easter Egg Hunt were taken by Andrea Fus.

Upcoming Lake Barcroft Events

Easter Egg Hunt

March 30, 2024, 11 a.m., Beach 5

House Tour

Sunday, May 5, 2024, 11 a.m.

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The 47th Annual Woman’s Club Halloween Parade was a success! MANY Lake Barcroft “kids” (ages 0–99) in costume filled Waterway Drive in a festive march from Beach 5 to Beach 3, with a Baileys Crossroads Volunteer Fire Dept. ambulance and the Justice High School marching band leading the way. And the band played on at Beach 3, while everyone continued to celebrate.

THANKS SO MUCH to parade founder JEANNIE MEYER, who – just a few weeks out from surgery on her lower leg – still managed to carry on this beloved annual tradition. And also to Community Events co-chair ELIANA TURINA for hosting a fun “beach party” after the parade. Eliana has decided to take a well-deserved retirement from her role as refreshments coordinator, and her shoes will be VERY difficult to fill! Eliana, we are so appreciative of your many years of hard work on both the July 4 and Halloween Parades.

We’d also like to thank Jeannie’s family members, the Justice HS marching band, the BXVFD, Reid Voss, Bill Stage, and these fabulous ladies who baked or bought hundreds of cookies for all to enjoy and/or helped host the party at Beach 3 (We hope we didn’t miss anyone!):

Adele Neuberg, Aileen Pisciotta, Alice Edmondson, Ashleigh White, Beatriz Urdininea, Carol Hopkins, Carol Tether, Cathy Williams, Debbie Ladwig, Donna Sanger, Dottie Bennett, Heidi and Amelia Bonnaffon, Ilona Sezmo, Jan Rasgus, Janet Kerley, Jenny Alvarez, Jill Martin, Joan Fisher, Jo Ann Krukar Webb, Joanne Wagner, Joyce Doyle, Joyce Grand, Kathy Utgoff, Laura Fox, Linda Haake, Linda Winger, Lorraine Creely, Louise Ziebell, Marilyn DiPaolo, Merri Brown, Millie Schrieber , Monica Lipscomb, Nora Darago, and Wendy Diliberti.


Photos by Heidi Bonnaffon, Alice Edmonson, and Larry Golfer.

Independence Day Parade

This past week, hundreds of Lake Barcroft community members (and assorted relatives and friends) filled Waterway Drive to celebrate our nation’s independence. Led by long-time parade coordinator Jeannie Meyer and her spirited marching band, a stream of flag-waving marchers in patriotic costume, an ambulance, parade cars, and of course the LB Kazoo Band made their way from Beach 5 to Beach 3 as part of the annual Woman’s Club July 4th Parade.

At Beach 3, the party continued with liquid refreshments and COOKIES! Marchers, parade watchers, and dozens of helpers enjoyed a post-parade celebration while the band played on! It was a great turn-out, and a great way to celebrate our wonderful community.

THANKS a million to Jeannie Meyer, refreshments organizer Eliana Turina, and many more who made the event such a success: Jenny Alvarez, Jan Barrett, Dottie Bennett, Amelia Bonnaffon, Heidi Bonnaffon, Merri Brown, Jackie Browne, Kailee Dahan, Nora Darago, Marilyn DiPaolo, Alice Edmondson, Charlotte Flounders, Laura Fox, Andrea Fus, Joyce Grand, Linda Haake, Ellen Haberlein, Kari Kelley, Jill Martin, Wanda Martinson, Michele Moorehead, Eunice Murray, Adele Neuberg, Jan Rasgus, Martha Rubenstein, Millie Schreiber, Susie Scott, Nomi Taslitt, Ann Taylor, Carol Tether, Beatriz Urdinea, Kathy Utgoff, Kate Wade, Linda Winger, and Louise Ziebell.

And a big THANKS to the Lake Barcroft Kazoo Band, and the Baileys Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department for their participation, and to Larry Golfer for some great photography! Check out the pictures on the LB Facebook page.

Our appreciation goes out to the Lake Barcroft July 4th Marching Band musicians! They were Douglas Meyer, Kevin Scott, Gavin Scott, Cory Scott, Randy Good and Dan Hotopp on the trumpets; Jerry Meyer, TR Penland, and Peter Morris on the trombones, Harry Harris on the saxophone; David Goslin on the tuba; Wesley Meyer on the snare drum; Emily Nguyen on the clarinet; and Ian Meyer and Callie Sullivan on the Bass Drums.

Enjoy these July 4th Parade photos!

May 7, 2023 Woman’s Club House Tour Charity Fundraiser, A Big Success!

Enjoying perfect spring weather, more than 400 Lake Barcroft residents and friends toured the six houses, socialized along the way, and relaxed over refreshments at the “rest stop”.

A HUGE THANK YOU to every Lake Barcroft resident and friend who bought tickets and made donations to support this year’s Woman’s Club charities! A total of $13,995 was distributed to the five selected charities and one Lake Barcroft community service project:

• 90% was distributed equally to Culmore Clinic, New Hope Housing, and Second Story

• 10% was distributed equally to Save the Swift Island Trees, The Lamb Center, and The Campagna Center.

The Woman’s Club May 7th House Tour Charity Fundraiser – our first since 2019 – was a big success due to your contributions and the more than 70 Woman’s Club members and non-members who helped make the House Tour fundraiser event happen!

The primary mission of the Woman’s Club is charitable – to raise funds to support local charities. We would not have had such a great House Tour event without your involvement and support. THANK YOU!!!!

And finally, congratulations to Lake Barcroft resident Ginette Hemley who had the winning ticket for the cash raffle prize drawn at the May 22, 2023 Woman’s Club Spring Membership Meeting!

Lake Barcroft residents and their friends tour one of the six houses during the House Tour Charity Fundraiser. Photo by Alice Edmondson.



Saturday, April 8, 2023, 11 a.m. at Beach 5

A BIG THANK YOU to all the kids and parents who came out to the April 8 Woman’s Club Easter Egg Hunt! Every corner of Beach 5 was filled with excited kids with baskets for egg hunting and lots of cute bunny ears! 

About 2,500 eggs were placed in the sand, grasses, trees, etc. and nearly all were found, including the four Golden Eggs. And - to add to the fun - the Easter Bunny made an appearance. It was truly a joyous occasion, and turn-out was fantastic!

MANY, MANY THANKS to Easter Egg Hunt organizer Jeannie Meyer, her family members, annual helper Susie Scott, two Justice High School volunteers, and the 13 Woman’s Club Community Events team members who hid eggs, directed kids, and made sure all the little ones found eggs.

Check out the photos, courtesy of John Browning, Andrea Fus, and Marcia Grabowski.

Steve Allen with Golden Egg winner Luke and baby Lilly.

Several Woman’s Club bunny helpers, from left to right,  Heidi Bonnaffon, Amelia Bonnaffon, Natalie Lima-Garcia, Susie Scott, Charlotte Flounders, Joan Fisher, Beatriz Urdinea, and LBWC President Alice Edmondson.

Kids under 3 yrs. old hunt for eggs with a little help from their parents. 

Easter Bunny with Evea, Lia, and Golden Egg winner Deepak Barerjee.

George November enjoys a moment with the Easter Bunny.

Jace Yembrik gathers the candy out of his eggs.

Madeline Mitchell gets a treat from the Easter Bunny.