The Woman's Club Home Health Aids Closet⁠

⁠Ever since its formation, the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club has maintained a Home Health Aids Closet for Lake Barcroft residents and visiting guests. This is a collection of supplies and equipment -- such as crutches, walkers, canes, wheelchairs, etc. -- that is available for temporary loan to members of the Lake Barcroft community.

There is no charge to borrow the equipment, which has been purchased by the Club or donated by residents as they moved from the area or recovered from illnesses, accidents and the like.

The need for this equipment may come in many ways: a visitor who could use a wheelchair, a fall that calls for a cane or crutches, or confinement to bed that may call for other health aids.

Should a need arise at your home, contact Home Health Aids Coordinator Leigh Gonzalez here to see what is available to meet your needs.⁠

Your donation to the Woman's Club can help offset the cost of the insurance required for the Home Health Aids Closet.