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 The Collect 

Founded in 1955 when Lake Barcroft was about 165 houses and many new residents were young couples starting families with few wives working outside the home, the setting was favorable for the Lake Barcroft Woman’s Club to be formed as a way to enable women to find companionship and endeavor in projects that enhance the Lake Barcroft community.

The following year, the new club became a member of the National Federation of Women’s Clubs and by 1958 the club’s membership grew to more than 100 women making it one of the largest women’s clubs in Northern Virginia. It was during this time that members selected blue and white as the club’s colors and the sailboat as the club’s motif.

The Lake Barcroft Woman’s Club has a long history of fundraising for charities and local projects. One of its first major undertakings involved supporting the new Fairfax Hospital which was then under construction on Gallows Road. In 1957 members pledged $500 a year for four years to support a memorial room which was due to open in 1960. In 1961 a plaque was installed outside the room to recognize the contribution.

By 1965, the club had grown into a wide-ranging service organization, providing support to several diverse institutions, including the Medical College of Virginia, Manassas Home for the Aged, CARE, local libraries, to name a few. By 2001, some sixty charitable organizations have been beneficiaries of the Woman’s Club fundraising contributions. This tradition continues today as one of the club’s missions.

The club’s tradition of bringing Lake Barcroft families together by organizing the Lake Barcroft Independence Day Parade, the community’s Easter Egg Hunt and the Halloween Parade began in the mid-1960s. During this same period, the club created the “Sick Room Loan Closet,” which continues today as the “Home Health Aids Closet,” to make equipment available to Lake Barcroft residents recovering from illnesses. Home Health Aids items have been purchased using club funds when feasible and donated by Lake Barcroft residents.

In 1976, club president Chica Brunsvold initiated the project to construct the footbridge across Holmes Run to shorten the distance for children walking to nearby schools and for residents visiting one another. Former resident Margaret Finley headed the project and the late Stuart Finley was instrumental in getting the project approved by Fairfax County. The footbridge officially opened on December 17, 1977.

In 1995, club president Dorothy Werner was the brainchild for the Woman’s Club Community Garden on Watershed Improvement District (WID)-owned land near the footbridge. The development of the garden was a collaboration among the Woman’s Club, WID and Lake Barcroft Association (LBA). The club funded a portion of the landscaping and plants for the first three years; the WID provided the land and valuable logistical support; and LBA assumed responsibility for the actual design, installation, planting and maintenance of the garden. The garden was largely the work of the late architect and resident Ernie Rauth. He is remembered today by the road sign bearing his name “Rauth Lane” which leads to the footbridge and garden. The garden officially opened on May 1, 2000.


Lake Barcroft History, by Tony Bracken, 2001

⁠2022-23 Alice Edmondson

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1983-84 Rose Swift

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1978-79 Kay Gerber

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1967-68 Louise Heid and Dorothy Berger

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1965-66 Dolore Freiburger

1964-65 Churchill Ruegg

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