Fundraising for 2022-2023 Charities 

Raising funds to support local benevolent or philanthropic charities in Northern Virginia and for Lake Barcroft community projects is a primary purpose of the Woman’s Club. Every year, local charities and community projects are nominated and then selected by the club’s membership.

In September, members vote by ballot for three nominated charities. The six charities receiving the most votes are selected to be recipients of that year’s fundraising efforts. Ninety percent (90%) of the funds raised is distributed evenly among the top three charities receiving the most votes and the remaining 10% is divided equally among the next three charities receiving the most votes. Funds are distributed in May.

Congratulations to the following charities and community project (listed alphabetically) as the recipients of the $13,995 funds raised in 2022-2023!

The three charities to share 90% of the funds include:

 - Culmore Clinic

⁠ - New Hope Housing

⁠ - Second Story

The next three charities to share the remaining 10% of the funds include:

⁠ - Save the Swift Island Trees

⁠ - The Campagna Center

⁠ - The Lamb Center

Information about each selected charity follows:

Culmore Clinic

Culmore Clinic works to restore hope for our neighbors in need. The clinic offers low-cost health services to patients who would not otherwise have access to any kind of medical care. Through partnerships with area health providers, patients using the clinic have access to medical providers, laboratory and diagnostic care. Donations will support the clinic's medical, counseling, and diabetes programs as well as preventive services such as mammograms, dental screenings and physical therapy.

Second Story

Second Story transforms the lives of homeless youth, young mothers, teens in crisis and their families by providing safe havens and helping them achieve their goals and work toward self-sufficiency, thereby breaking cycles of homelessness, abuse, and poverty. Second Story offers four types of programs in Northern Virginia and the greater Washington metropolitan area: (i) voluntary safe shelter, food, and counseling to teenagers (13-17 years old), (ii) housing and counseling to young mothers experiencing homelessness, (iii) a safe place to live for youth experiencing homelessness and (iv) drop-in centers in the communities of Culmore, Annandale, and Springfield providing after-school support for second through twelfth graders. Donations from the Woman's Club would be used to support these four programs

New Hope Housing

The mission of New Hope Housing is to end homelessness in Northern Virginia by providing shelter, housing, and the tools to build a better life for homeless men and women. Begun as an all-volunteer organization in 1977 serving eight guests in the first Fairfax County shelter, New Hope Housing is now a regional agency serving up to 350 people daily. NHH serves Fairfax County, Arlington County, Alexandria, and Falls Church including six shelter programs, eight supportive housing programs, case management, prevention services, job assistance, and more.The Bailey’s Shelter in Falls Church is about 1.5 miles from Lake Barcroft and an integral part of our local community.A donation from Lake Barcroft Woman’s Club would be applied as funding for the NHH Employment Assistance Scholarship (EAS) program. The scholarships cover one-time expenses for training, certifications (such as Home Health Care Aide, HVAC), required work clothing, and transportation. This type of assistance is essential in helping shelter guests and homeless individuals obtain meaningful employment above minimum wage, hopefully with a path to a career. The EAS can help a formerly homeless person chart a new future.

Save the Swift Island Trees

The Swift Island trees are being ravaged by vines, which are voracious and grow at a rapid rate. This project will earmark funds for vine removal and abatement up to four times per year. Others in the Lake Barcroft community have been involved in the formulation of this initiative and will be involved with and ensure an effective implementation. The current LBA/WID budget only has capacity to cut the vines on Swift Island once a year. This is not adequate to stop the vines from overtaking the beautiful trees and native plants that protect the Lake Barcroft environment and house the many animals and birds that rely on them. Swift Island is a precious Lake Barcroft resource for which we are the stewards. The money raised by the Woman’s Club will be provided to the LBA and used explicitly for the Save the Swift Island Trees Project.

The Campagna Center

The mission of The Campagna Center is to deliver exceptional educational and social development programs for children, teens, and adults. The Center offers early childhood education, health and nutrition awareness, before- and after-school programs, tutoring and mentoring, career and college readiness planning, and classes for English language learners. The Center's vision is to inspire a commitment to learning and achievement among children, teens, and adults that has the power to change their lives and the Lake Barcroft community. The LBWC's donation will be used to advance the Center's mission. The Center's students are our neighbors in Northern Virginia.

The Lamb Center

The Lamb Center is a daytime drop-in shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness in Fairfax, Virginia. The Lamb Center provides a variety of services without cost to guests including breakfast, lunch, showers, laundry service, Bible studies, case management, AA meetings, a nurse practitioner clinic, a dental clinic, and much more. The Lamb Center partners with local groups and organizations that have a passion for serving the homeless. If selected, the donation would provide support for the Lamb center's mission and help transform the lives of the poor and those who are homeless. Helping homeless people means feeding, caring, clothing and educating them so they can get employed and back on their feet. 

Photos by George McLennan and RawPixel.