October 31, 2021 Fundraising Two-Person Marathon for LBWC Charities

On Halloween morning, let's come out and cheer, honk and wave as the two-person marathon team runs through Lake Barcroft for your donations to support LBWC charities!

On Sunday, October 31 starting at 9 a.m., Tom Sharp will be running a marathon pushing mobility-challenged George Mason University student Briana Rachel for 26 miles through Lake Barcroft to help raise funds for the Woman's Club charities!

LBWC Vice President (Fundraising) Jennifer Beggs will be broadcasting the marathon LIVE ON ZOOM to keep you abreast of Tom and Briana's whereabouts so you, your neighbors, and any ghosts and goblins that you can round up can come out and cheer, honk and wave as Tom and Briana go by.

⁠While the marathon is a fundraiser for the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club charities, it is also a rare gift for a mobility-challenged individual to participate as a "rider-athlete" in a marathon! Tom runs full 26-mile marathons multiple times a year, pushing a "rider-athlete" in a specially designed wheelchair. He finds joy in enabling a person who needs assistance to participate in an endurance event. Tom was planning to push Briana Rachel in this year's Marine Corps Marathon before it was cancelled. Both Tom and Briana were devastated that the race was cancelled.

Tom says he couldn't let Briana miss this opportunity to participate in a marathon, so he decided to run a "virtual marathon" here in Lake Barcroft for your donations to the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club charities. Tom runs these two-person marathons to raise awareness of athletes pairing with disabled individuals for the purpose of inclusion, because everyone should have an opportunity to participate in athletics and experience the joy of crossing a finish line.

⁠Let's show Tom and Briana that our Lake Barcroft marathon event can rally a loud cheering crowd to spur them on to the finish line on Sunday, October 31.

  2. Click here TO PRINT THE MARATHON ROUTE. Join for a block or a few miles -- Run, Walk or Bike along with Tom and Briana!

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The Lake Barcroft Woman’s Club appreciates your donations for the selected local charities and support of this unique marathon. The 2021-2022 charities are Haven of Northern Virginia, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia, New Hope Housing, Bailey's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department, The Campagna Center, and the Justice High School Scholarship Fund.

We also thank Tom Sharp for running this marathon to help the Woman's Club raise money for its charities. 

⁠Click here for more about this marathon and Tom Sharp's connection to Lake Barcroft.

⁠ Fundraising Questions? Contact Jennifer Beggs 

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