Report on the 2022 LBWC Donation Drive

for Local Elementary Schools

THANK-YOU LAKE BARCROFT for your very generous response to the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club Donation Drive for area elementary schools.  Through your many contributions of needed items and money, we were able to provide:

2 HUGE bags of children's clothes, hats, and gloves and a box of school supplies to BAILEY'S ELEMENTARY

40 coats plus several sets of hats, and gloves to PARKLAWN ELEMENTARY

Large containers of children's clothes, hats, gloves, school supplies, drinks/snacks to SLEEPY HOLLOW ELEMENTARY

Several bags of adult clothing, shoes, assorted household items to the CULMORE RESOURCE CENTER

Needless to say, the beneficiaries were thrilled and appreciative. We're still hearing from all of them, but here is one nice note from Parklawn.

Hello wonderful ladies;

Thank you so much for all the coats, gloves & hats you've donated to the Parklawn⁠ Community. Your generosity will directly benefit our students and their families. This is only possible because of the hard work & dedication of people like you. Your contribution makes it possible for us to achieve our purpose and make a real difference in the lives of the students we serve.

⁠Blessings to you and all of your families during this Holiday Season.

⁠Afifa Bolte

⁠Family Liaison/Enlace Familiar

⁠Parklawn E.S.

An additional thanks to the Woman's Club board members who helped with the drive:

⁠Charlotte Flounders, Jan Rasgus, Karen Ackerman, Merri Brown, and Suzanne Gragg.

Maria Demerest and Spanish teacher Leonardo at Bailey's Elementary's resource center⁠

Ivanova Plazas at Sleepy Hollow Elementary’s resource center