Fundraising for 2021-2022 Charities Thank You Letters

The local charities you have so generously supported sent these letters of appreciation.  Thank you again, Lake Barcroft community and Woman's Club members, for opening your hearts and wallets in support of local charities!   

Haven of Northern Virginia


"Dear Carol Tether and members of the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club,

On behalf of the Haven of Northern Virginia Community, I would like to thank you all for the very generous donation of $5,100 to our organization. We are so grateful for your ongoing support of Haven's work. Haven has experienced many challenges in the past two years as have many community organizations. We are transitioning back to a "new normal" and have recently been able to offer in-person groups again and see clients at the house. We continue to offer online meetings and groups as well as phone and drop-in support. Haven is an all-volunteer organization that relies solely on donations to keep going. We have been providing grief support services to the local community for the past 46 years. Your contribution will help Haven continue its mission of providing caring support to the bereaved and enable us to plan for future training, workshops, groups, and educational programs for the commuity and our volunteers. Thank you again for this kind and thoughtful gift. It will make a difference every day. Very truly yours,"

Jill Bellacicco, Executive Director Haven of Northern Virginia

Literacy Council of Northern Virginia


"Dear Ladies of the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club,

⁠Thank you for your donation of $5,100 received on May 31, 2022. LCNV is grateful for your help to support equity and opportunity for English language learners in Northern Virginia. Your gift means so much to us and to our learners who are working harder than ever to reach their goals.

⁠Rosa shares why she studies English: "Learning English is very helpful for me because in my job I can talk a little more with the customers, now I can give directions and also can help my daughter with her homework. It is not easy after work to go to the class, but I think everything is possible when you want to learn a new language."

⁠Thanks to generous supporters like you, LCNV has provided essential language and literacy skills to almost 60,000 in the past 60 years. On behalf of our Board, staff, instructors, and students, THANK YOU! Sincerely,"

⁠Roopal Saran, Executive Director


"On behalf of the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia, I would like to thank the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club and its many supporters for a most generous charitable donation. Vice President of Fundraising Jennifer Beggs and the Woman's Club team did an amazing job raising funds during these difficult times. The donation to LCNV will make a significant difference in the organization's ability to offer high quality English instruction to immigrants regardless of their ability to pay. Thank you to all for your generosity! And if you are looking for meaningful volunteer work, your energy will be put to good use in this organization that has been a cornerstone in our community for 60 years."

Carole Vinograd Bausell (LBWC charity nominator)

New Hope Housing


⁠"Dear Ms. Edmondson,

⁠Thank you all so much for your compassion and your generosity. I'm grateful that you've chosen to support New Hope Housing through the 2021-22 fundraising efforts. I hope you and your family are all well.

⁠I'm still relatively new to New Hope Housing; I started in October. I feel very lucky to continue to learn every day about neighbors like you that invest so much in programs to help our neighbors in need. COVID could have closed us down many times this past winter if not for amazing teamwork. We had a lot of staffing challenges this past winter when the Omicron variant was running through the community, but we were able to stay open because of dedicated staff, volunteers, and supporters. As a result of this, hundreds of people stayed safe, and more than 50 clients moved to housing in March & April! Thank you for being there for New Hope!

⁠We just held a fundraising event on May 6th that went very well, and we were featured in The Wasington Post! I've enclosed a copy of this article that I think you may enjoy. It features a story about one of our case managers who shares the work you enable us to accomplish.

⁠All of our thanks for Lake Barcroft Woman's Club's donation of $5,100.00 dated May 14, 2022 to support our employment programs. Please feel free to email or call me anytime if you need anything. Happy to chat! Peace,"

William Gorman, Interim Executive Director

The Campagna Center


"To the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club,

Thank you for your recent gift of $570.00 on 6/6/2022 to the Campagna Center. For over 75 years, Campagna Center has been a cornerstone of our community, providing high-quality learning opportunities, enrichment experiences, and compassionate support for more than 2,000 children and families each year. The unmatched quality and reach of our services is only possible with the partnership of supporters like you. 

Our programs serve learners across the entire educational spectrum, ensuring children and families in Alexandria have the tools they need to thrive from cradle to career. Our Early Childhood programs are preparing young minds across the city for kindergarten classroom readiness. School-aged children in the Wright to Read, Campagna Kids, and Building Better Futures programs are receiving literacy tutoring before- and after-school enrichment, and innovative externships experiences that help bring their educational and career dreams to life. And our adult New Neighbors students are not only improving their mastery of the English language through our program, they are gaining the confidence and independence needed to navigate their new home here in Northern Virginia.

⁠If you have any questions about your donation, please contact me. Together with your support, we have overcome the challenges of the last year and remained committed to serving families when they need us most. We couldn't do it without your generosity. Thank you. With gratitude,"

Kathryn Duval, Chief Development Officer


⁠"On behalf of The Campagna Center, thank you LBWC for your generous donation which allows TCC to continue early childhood education, health and nutrition awareness, before and after school programs, mentoring and classes for English language learners. The continued support from this community is humbling."

Dottie Bennett on behalf of TCC (LBWC charity nominator)

Justice High School Scholarship Fund

"Dear Lake Barcroft Woman's Club,

It is our pleasure to acknowledge your generous donation of $570.00 dated May 14, 2022 to the Justice High School Scholarship Fund.

The estimate of the value of goods/services you received in connection with this donation is $0. According to IRS guidelines, we must report the fair market value of any goods or services received in connection with your gift. This acknowledgement serves as a receipt in accordance with IRS regulations regarding charitable contributions and should be retained with your income tax records.

If you have any questions about your contribution or if you would like more information about donating to or assisting the Foundation, please contact the Justice High School Scholarship Fund. You may also visit us at Again, thank you for your contribution and your commitment to education. Sincerely,"

James Schroll, President


⁠"Thank you to the Woman's Club, all the member volunteers, and the LB community for the wonderfully successful fundraiser.

⁠The Justice HS Scholarship Fund is enormously grateful to the community for all your support!"

Diane Kilbourne (LBWC charity nominator)