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Vote for 3 Charities

Charitable organizations and community projects voted upon by the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club membership are the focus of its annual fundraising activities. Charitable contributions are given to tax-exempt organizations in Northern Virginia that are completely benevolent or philanthropic in nature or to a Lake Barcroft community project.

Eight charities have been nominated for 2021-2022.

Voting for the Charities to be Supported by This Year's Fundraiser Has Closed.

Voting results will be announced on Zoom during the Fall Membership Meeting on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. All Lake Barcroft women are welcomed to attend.


2021-2022 Nominated Charities

     Haven of Northern Virginia - nominated by Sharlene Aukofer

Haven of Northern Virginia is a non-profit, non-sectarian community organization of well-trained volunteers who offer individual and group support for losses of a spouse, other partner, parent, sibling, or friend due to suicide, COVID-19, or other causes. They offer one day workshops in Summer and Winter and presentations to the community on various topics involving grief. They also provide trained speakers for community groups, civic groups or other private and public organizations. Haven’s services are free; they depend entirely on community donations. Haven is planning to restart in-person services after over a year of pandemic-required virtual activities. They need to have the furnace, roof, and air conditioner checked for safety and overall condition, deal with a pest infestation caused by the absence of in-person operation, and replace carpeting and some furniture to assist clients. In addition, they need office supplies. Haven’s support services are needed more than ever right now, due to COVID-related deaths and the isolation of the survivors. Haven is receiving many requests for much needed help and in-person services and financial contributions will enable Haven to provide more help to more people.

     The Campagna Center nominated by Dottie Bennett

The Campagna Center’s mission is to deliver exceptional educational and social development programs for children, teens, and adults. The Centers offer early childhood education, health and nutrition awareness, before- and after-school programs, tutoring, mentoring, career and college readiness planning, and classes for English language learners.They achieve their mission by partnering with parents, schools, governments (local, state, and federal), faith-based institutions, individuals, corporations, and foundations who share the belief that the entire community benefits when individuals are able to achieve their highest potential. The nominating member and her husband are part of the Center’s Building Better Futures program where they tutor high school students.


     Justice High School Scholarship Fund - nominated by Diane Kilbourne

The Justice High School Scholarship Fund raises funds each year to help high school graduates attend college. These are very qualified, motivated students who would not otherwise have money to attend college. Many students begin by attending NOVA before transferring to four-year colleges. Since 2005, the JHSSF has awarded over $2,400,000 to deserving students. Each year they receive an ever-increasing number of applications, as the cost of attending college becomes prohibitive for students whose family situations have made it impossible to save for college. By voting for the JHSSF, LBWCmembers can be assured that their charity donations go to work locally by helping students in our surrounding communities realize the dream of achieving a college degree.

     The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia - nominated by Carole Bausell and Kathy Utgoff

Each year the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia's (LCNV) English classes benefit hundreds of immigrant adults who cannot speak or read English above the 6-grade level. They are our neighbors, parents of our children’s classmates, and workers who manicure our lawns. They hail from 95 different countries, and over half live in abject poverty, defined as $25,100 or less to support a family of four. Their lack of English keeps them from advancing at work and limits their children’s achievement. With headquarters at Annandale Road and Rt. 50, this nonprofit offers courses both online and in-person at convenient times for working adults. Classes, staffed by qualified teachers with extensive volunteer support, are kept small to expedite learning. Regular fundraising and hard-won grants underwrite the lowest tuition among academic institutions in the region and fund scholarships for those who cannot afford to pay. Due to its transparent ethical business practices and powerful impact on learning, Parade Magazine has recognized LCNV as an Outstanding Charity in Virginia. A Platinum Seal of Transparency by Guide Star (their highest rating) is a further testament to its business practices. Please help LCNV fund its programs.


      New Hope Housing - nominated by Alice Edmondson

The mission of New Hope Housing is to end homelessness in Northern Virginia by providing shelter, housing, and the tools to build a better life for homeless men and women. Begun as an all-volunteer organization in 1977 serving eight guests in the first Fairfax County shelter, New Hope Housing is now a regional agency serving up to 350 people daily. NHH serves Fairfax County, Arlington County, Alexandria, and Falls Church including six shelter programs, eight supportive housing programs, case management, prevention services, job assistance, and more.The Bailey’s Shelter in Falls Church is about 1.5 miles from Lake Barcroft and an integral part of our local community.A donation from Lake Barcroft Woman’s Club would be applied as funding for the NHH Employment Assistance Scholarship (EAS) program. The scholarships cover one-time expenses for training, certifications (such as Home Health Care Aide, HVAC), required work clothing, and transportation. This type of assistance is essential in helping shelter guests and homeless individuals obtain meaningful employment above minimum wage, hopefully with a path to a career. The EAS can help a formerly homeless person chart a new future.

      Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund - nominated by Diane Smalley

Established in 1994, one year after the death of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund was established to memorialize Lake Barcroft's most famous resident through a "living" memorial that reflects the values and ideals that he represented. This unique charitable program that provides scholarships annually to college-bound seniors from Justice High School is sponsored solely by residents of Lake Barcroft.The program is run by Lake residents on a voluntary basis, and all of the money raised is used for scholarships.

      NextStep Pilates - nominated by Louise Ziebell

NextStep-Pilates is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2014 by the nominating member’s daughter, Karen Garcia, owner of Studio Body Logic (SBL) of Alexandria. SBL was established in 1996 as the area's first authentic Pilates studio. Through NextStep-Pilates, SBL provides free private Pilates lessons to injured military service men/women and veterans. Ongoing support from Alexandria Rotary along with income from fundraising events and private donations has allowed the program to flourish. NextStep has served 49 military men/women & veterans and anticipates adding 10-15 veterans to their 2021 program. NextStep-Pilates would use funds donated by LBWC to increase the number of injured military personnel who would be able to enter the program. The donated funds would help cover operating expenses in the Alexandria location. Also, it would help increase the number of Certified Pilates Instructors available for the program and the amount of classes available for each personalized treatment. The program covers 10 Pilates Classes with a value of $1,000. Sometimes, more private lessons are required, increasing the expenses for the program.

⁠    Bailey's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department - 

       nominated by Marcia Grabowski, Jeannie Meyer and Mei Xie

The BXVFD is vital to and present almost every day in our lives in Lake Barcroft. The department and its paramedics are on call 24 hours a day. They responded to more than 10,000 emergency calls last year in Falls Church, Arlington, Annandale and Fairfax, and volunteers worked approximately 20,000 hours last year, including on COVID-19 calls.There are currently three trucks in use:one ambulance and two advanced life support units. The life support units each have over 135,000 miles and need replacing at year’s end, at a per unit cost of at least $250,000. These trucks carry the necessary drugs, CPR and EKG equipment to save lives, including ours. They are staffed with trained paramedics and EMTs.In addition to providing life-saving services, the BXVFD teaches Water Safety and Rescue to Lake Barcroft lifeguards, leads our LBWC-sponsored annual July 4th and Halloween Parades, and provides ambulance service for the July 4th Fire Works. It continues to perform all these functions as a mostly free service to our community.Our donations greatly contribute to their supportive and life-saving work.