Imaginary House Tour of 2021

** The Lake Barcroft Woman's Club Fundraiser for Charity **

Thank you Lake Barcroft community and Woman's Club members! 

The Woman's Club Fundraiser for Charity result is greater than ANY previous Lake Barcroft House Tour fundraising event!  We reached out to you, and asked you to help us help others, and you responded with amazing generosity!  A total of $21,255 will be distributed to the six charities.

When the Woman's Club cancelled the 2020 House Tour fundraiser due to the pandemic, it told the charities they would become the beneficiaries of our 2021 House Tour.  Little did we know that plans for a 2021 House Tour would also have to be cancelled.  The Woman's Club board decided on an approach that many would call crazy.  We asked the community to “buy” imaginary tickets to an imaginary House Tour with real money!  We also asked neighbors to donate items for the raffle, which led to the successful sale of raffle tickets. You made our crazy ideas work!

Know that your generous donations will make a positive difference for these charities. Thank you!

⁠Ninety percent (90%) will be distributed evenly among the following top three selected charities (shown alphabetically):

Bailey's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department

For years, the Bailey’s Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department has taught Water Safety and Rescue to our Lake Barcroft lifeguards, has led our LBWC-sponsored annual July 4th and Halloween parades, and has provided ambulance service on the evening of the July 4th Fireworks.

In 2003, the Bailey’s Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department purchased the Pierce Fire Truck with monies from contributions. That truck was dedicated as “the Margaret Finley truck,” in appreciation for this longstanding LBWC member who had helped the department with fund raising for many years. The truck is staffed with a trained paramedic and two trained EMTs.

In 2003, that truck cost a little over $350,000. Maintenance, repairs, and upgrades can cost up to $200,000. That truck and others that were purchased in 2003 need to be replaced.  The only way these trucks can be purchased is by monies raised from contributions, and new trucks now cost upwards of $600,000.

Culmore Clinic

The clinic is supported by a diverse group of interfaith volunteers, healthcare providers, and donors. Volunteers founded The Culmore Clinic in 2007, and it is still significantly volunteer-run, which allows more resources to go toward patient care.

In 2019, the Clinic moved its facilities to the First Christian Church on Leesburg Pike which allows for a permanent office space and a larger facility to serve more patients. This move increased physical therapy visits considerably and doubled the preventive screening from the prior year. (The clinic had 1,610 patient visits in 2018.)

Friends of Woodrow Wilson Library

Libraries lead to literacy, and literacy improves life on every level. Libraries provide community support and services on many levels:  ESL, Reading is Fundamental and GED classes, safe space after school for kids to study, and community engagement programs.

Friends of the Library supports all of these learning-based missions. Library funding is usually the first line item cut when municipalities create an annual budget, and Friends Groups donations often help make up the shortfalls. 

In the past year, the Friends of Woodrow Wilson Library has provided funding for the foreign title publications, the New York Times, supplies for assorted programs, the rug for the Story Time Program, staff appreciation, and the 3-D printer.

The remaining ten percent (10% ) will be divided equally among the next three placed charites (listed alphabetically):

⁠     Justice High School Scholarship Fund

⁠     Literacy Council of Northern Virginia

     Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund