RAFFLE Fundraiser for Charity


BUY-A-BUNCH-OF-TICKETS for a chance to win fabulous raffle prizes!

  • ⁠75 Raffle Tickets for $200.
  • 35 Raffle Tickets for $100.
  • 15 Raffle Tickets for $50.
  •  6 Raffle Tickets for $25.
  •  1-5 Raffle Tickets for $5 each.

There are 104 raffle prizes, valued together at over $11,000!

Your buying a bunch of tickets will provide much needed funds for this year's LBWC-selected charities.


“double-blind” drawing will be held on Saturday, May 7, 2022 as a lottery where a prize and a raffle ticket winner for that prize are each drawn randomly as follows:

  1. Separate cards, each with the number assigned to the prize, are placed in a prize hopper. All purchased raffle tickets are placed in a separate ticket hopper.
  2. During the drawing, a prize number card and a raffle ticket are each drawn randomly from their respective hoppers. The drawn raffle ticket becomes the winner of that drawn prize.
  3. Winners' names will be published with the prizes here.

See the raffle prizes and entry details here.


  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Click "Submit" to send your tickets request to the LBWC Raffle Coordinator Jennifer Beggs. DO NOT CLICK "SUBMIT" MORE THAN ONCE. It creates multiple raffle ticket orders.
  3. The LBWC Raffle Coordinator Jennifer Beggs will contact you to arrange raffle tickets delivery or pickup and payment.
  4. The LBWC Raffle Coordinator Jennifer Beggs accepts ONLY cash or a check payable to "LBWC" as payment upon raffle tickets delivery or pickup. Credit card payment is not available for raffle ticket purchases.

NOTE: All requests for raffle tickets must be made no later than Saturday, April 30, 2022 to be entered into the raffle drawing.

    Check if the above phone number can receive text messages.
    The section number where you live can be found with your contact information in the Lake Barcroft Directory.
    If other than Falls Church, Virginia.
    LBWC Raffle Coordinator will write this name onto each of your raffle tickets for the drawing.
    Enter the number of raffle tickets you would like to purchase.