It is the many behind-the-scenes Woman's Club volunteers who come together to make the Independence Day Parade, the Halloween Parade, the Easter Egg Hunt, and the House Tour fundraiser events memorable for Lake Barcroft families and their friends every year.

Lake Barcroft Events

for ⁠2024

Easter Egg Hunt

March 30, 2023, 11 a.m., Beach 4

House Tour Charity Fundraiser 

Sunday, May 5, 11 a.m.

Raffle Drawing 

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Event updates will be posted below, announced on LakeLink, LB Facebook Page and in the Lake Barcroft Newsletter.

The ⁠EASTER EGG HUNT brought hundreds of children and their parents to Beach 3 on Saturday, April 16, 2022!

Photography by Andrea Fus                             

⁠The Woman's Club Easter Egg Hunt brought out hundreds of children and their parents in search of the 2,500 Easter eggs hidden at Beach 3 and to say 'hello' to the six-foot tall Easter Bunny.

Many thanks to Jeannie Meyer and her friends who filled all the plastic eggs with treats for weeks and the many Woman's Club Easter Bunny helpers who hid them in the two hours before the event. 

Small children with their baskets, buckets and bags, Woman's Club volunteer Bunny helpers assisting where needed and parents catching up with their little ones and with each other were seen all around Beach 3! 

Incredibly, the 2,500 eggs were found in about 15 minutes! Congratulations to those who found the prized Golden Eggs, each containing a gift card to redeem at a nearby store!

This annual event has been a Lake Barcroft tradition since the mid-1960s. It is enjoyed by both the children who are thrilled by the Hunt and the feast of treats, and by their parents who enjoy the community spirit and interaction with other parents of young children. 

⁠When you see Andrea Fus, thank her for the wonderful photography to reminisce the joy felt by all at this community event sponsored by the Woman's Club.

Parents with their littles ones wait patiently for the start of the Easter Egg Hunt.

Thank goodness for the many Easter Bunny helpers! Among them include Annik Fus, Jennifer Talati, Tammy Cox, and Alice Edmondson in this photo.

⁠LBWC Community Events Chair Jeannie Meyer and Bunny helper Sue Jewett filling the Easter Bunny's bag with lollipops.

⁠The Easter Bunny congratulates the Mario and Arlene Herrera family for their super successful finds! Check out their baskets. Great job!

Several golden eggs, each containing a gift card, were hidden for the children to find. Brenna Bower sports her Golden Egg with the Kastas family.

⁠The hunt for Easter eggs is ON!

⁠Six- and seven-year olds hunt for eggs in the trees with a little help from their parents.

⁠Easter Bunny helper Annik Fus dropped an egg for the little boy to find.

Donned in her Easter dress, Charlotte Canary pauses just for a moment to show her eggs to photographer Andrea Fus.

⁠Time to get a lollipop from the Easter Bunny!

At 9 a.m. LBWC Community Events chair Jeannie Meyer gets the many Bunny helpers organized to hang signs and hide the 2,500 plastic Easter eggs filled with treats at Beach 3.

LBWC Community Events Chair Jeannie Meyer⁠


Sunday, October 31, 2021

from Beach 5 to Beach 3


LBWC Refreshments Coordinator Eliana Turina

Droves of Lake Barcroft neighbors and friends came out donned in costumes for the October 31st Halloween Parade!

On Halloween afternoon, Fairfax County Police, Bailey's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department, and the Justice High School Band joined Lake Barcroft neighbors and friends to march leisurely from Beach 5 to Beach 3.

A police car and a fire rescue truck led the way. The Justice High School Band followed along playing and marching; adults and children wore Halloween costumes marched behind; parents pulled babies in wagons and strollers, some with their pets; some adults in costume or not strolled by; a police car pulled up the rear until the parade reached Beach 3.

No tricks, just treats awaited parade goers at Beach 3! Refreshing lemonade, water, and hundreds of cookies were enjoyed by all! Thanks to the many Woman's Club volunteers who organized, baked, bought and brought the refreshments. Their generosity and dedication help make Lake Barcroft traditions very special for all of us!

⁠We gratefully thank Jeannie Meyer and Eliana Turina who organized the Lake Barcroft community parades and refreshments on behalf of the Woman's Club every year! When you see Jeannie and Eliana, tell them how much these events mean to you, your family and neighbors. They would love to hear from you!

A magnificent crowd of Lake Barcroft neighbors and friends participated in the LBWC-sponsored Halloween Parade. Lemonade and hundreds of cookies from some of the Woman's Club's best bakers were gobbled up and enjoyed by many at Beach 3. Not one cookie remained. Only lots of happy faces and a few crumbs were left behind. Photo by George McLennan.

⁠Wonder Woman and Superman showing off their valor! 

Photo by George McLennan.

From left to right, LBWC members Merri Brown, Jeannie Meyer, Charlotte Flounders, Jenny Alvarez, Wendy Diliberti, Laura Fox, and Millie Schreiber

dressed in the Halloween spirit! Photo by Larry Golfer.

⁠Families, children and even pets were everywhere sporting their best Halloween costumes. Photo by George McLennan.


Randa Mendenhall disguised in festive 

Halloween garb. Photo by ⁠George McLennan.

First responders and the Justice High School Band at Beach 3.

Photo by Andrea Fus.

⁠The Justice High School Band entertained while parade goers enjoyed refreshments at Beach 3. Photo by Larry Golfer.

The Justice High School Band at Beach 3. Photo by Larry Golfer.

Jeannie Meyer and Justice High School Band Director

Brian Thomas. Photo by Andrea Fus.

From left to right, Tom Penland, Marilyn Di Paolo and Trippi Penland joined the parade. Photo by Andrea Fus.

Independence Day Parade, Sunday, July 4, 2021, from Beach 5 to Beach 3

⁠On a bright, sunny day, many donned in red, white and blue came to celebrate our nation's historic day! Much appreciation goes to LBWC Community Events Chair Jeannie Meyer who brought the Lake Barcroft Kazoo Band, Bailey's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department and the Fairfax County Police to lead the parade!

In stars and stripes tradition, many families joined in waving flags provided by Alison Oleson as we walked together with music and celebratory cheers down Waterway Drive to Beach 3. 

We concluded the parade by enjoying tasty cookies and refreshing lemonade together. Many thanks to refreshments organizer Eliana Turina and the many volunteers who brought and/or served cookies and lemonade for all to partake at Beach 3. They were:

Jennifer Beggs, Dottie Bennett, Elizabeth Berry, Merri Brown, Char Buss, Roxanna Douglas, Laura Fox, Joyce Grand, Linda Haake, Judy Hilton, Sue Jewett, Janet Kerley, Debra Lee, Lark Lovering, Peggy Morrison, Anne O'Neil, Adele Neuberg, Mary O'Donnell, Kathy Price, Jan Rasgus, Millie Schreiber, Karin Sebolka, Nomi Taslitt, Carol Tether, Joanne Wagner, Diane Weeks and Cathy Williams.

⁠Photos by George McLennan unless otherwise noted.

Many thanks go to LBWC Community Events Chair Jeannie Meyer and Refreshments Coordinator Eliana Turina for organizing a joyous celebration!

⁠The musical band of the Meyer family and friends

Lake Barcroft Kazoo Band

⁠Volunteers Millie Schreiber, Joyce Grand, Eliana Turina, Marie France Smith, LBWC co-president Kathy Utgoff, Adele Neuberg, and Debra Lee at one of the Beach 3 refreshments tables. Photo by Andrea Fus

LBA President Michael Montfort

Carol Donlan with granddaughters Ellie and Reese and friend Ruth Adelman. 

⁠The Akpati family

⁠Parade walkers on Waterway Drive. Photo by Kathy Utgoff

Jim Sebolka and Sammy Guy