Website Classes


Website Classes on EVERY Wednesday in November

from Noon to 1 p.m. on ZOOM

The Woman's Club website at is the go-to place to stay abreast of club membership happenings and club-sponsored community events and services. You can look up the "where and when" for all LBWC events, read about LBWC community projects and services, see who signed up for the many special interest groups, join and pay dues, make donations, find recipes, read announcements and more.

In the year since we introduced the LBWC website, we have received wonderfully positive feedback.

Sign up and join our website designer and member Debra Lee on every Wednesday in November from noon to 1 p.m. on Zoom to learn all that the Woman's Club website has to offer.

⁠Debra will show you how most websites work by showing you on the LBWC website during lunchtime! The knowledge you'll gain will enable you to navigate other Internet websites more easily. Most websites work in basically the same way. It's just like learning to drive -- when you learn to drive one car, you can then drive almost any other car!

⁠Classes are open to all club members and to all Lake Barcroft residents interested in learning more about the Woman's Club through our website.

⁠Each weekly Wednesday class will cover a different topic. The classes are described below.

Sign up for all four classes at one time or just the ones of interest to you. A minimum of five (5) LBWC members are needed to sign up by the Friday before class day to hold the class. Woman's Club members are encouraged to attend all four classes. No login is required to complete the sign-up form below.

Mark your calendar and sign up today! A class handout and Zoom link will be emailed to attendees by Wednesday morning of class. Complete the sign-up form below and click SUBMIT. You will receive an email confirmation of your class selections.


⁠Curious about the Woman's Club website or not comfortable with using the Internet nor technology? Attend this class to learn how websites work using the Woman's Club website as the example. We will cover:

  • ⁠How to access the Woman's Club website and the different levels of information. Some information is available to the public/Lake Barcroft, some only to club members and some only to an individual member.
  • How the Woman's Club website works and its overall structure -- navigating the menus and screens; submitting forms and payments; what happens when clicking links, buttons and images; getting website email confirmations.


⁠Lots of Woman's Club information is at your fingertips all day, every day. This class walks you through the information that is updated regularly to keep members abreast of club happenings, club-sponsored community events, volunteer/help requests, special interest group news, and general announcements and how to respond to requests. In addition, learn how to lookup a member's contact info, get a list of members for carpooling, see who is in a special interest group, and more by using the online member directory lookup feature.


⁠It's frustrating when websites don't work the way you expect. This class will show the steps you can take to resolve common issues on your own. Some common issues include but are not limited to:

  • What to do when my password doesn't work or when I can't remember my password?
  • What does it mean when the website says, My email address is taken?
  • How do I check/update my member info and special interest group selections?
  • My screen says I'm not authorized to view this page. I paid my dues so why is this happening?
  • Why didn't I get a confirmation email after I responded?

Submit your question(s) on the sign-up form below or by clicking  Contact LBWC Web Content Manager ⁠in advance of the class and Debra will cover as many questions as time permits.


⁠This class briefly recaps the previous weeks' website topics and addresses any questions not covered in previous sessions due to time limitations. Bring any remaining questions that you may have and let Debra know which items you'd like demonstrated again by clicking Contact LBWC Web Content Manager. No question or item is too small to review. Everyone benefits.

    Check the box next to each class you will attend. LBWC members are encouraged to sign up for all four (4) classes.
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