Imaginary House Tour of 2021

**Lake Barcroft Woman's Club Fundraiser for Charity**


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Every year since the first Woman's Club House Tour in 1966, the Club has helped others by donating funds raised from its House Tour to charities selected by its membership. The Woman's Club cancelled the 2020 House Tour due to pandemic restrictions but kept the same selected charities for 2021.

Considering that pandemic restrictions are still in place today, the Woman's Club has decided to hold an Imaginary House Tour of 2021 fundraiser to support the following selected charities (listed alphabetically) during a time when charitable contributions are especially needed. 

  • ⁠Ninety percent (90%) of the raised funds will be distributed evenly among the top three selected charities: Bailey's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department, Culmore Clinic and Friends of Woodrow Wilson Libarary.
  • The remaining ten percent (10%) will be distributed equally among the next three placed charities: Justice High School Scholarship Fund, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia and Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund.

We ask YOU -- Club members, Lake Barcroft residents and friends -- to please, open your hearts and wallets to make a tax-deductible donation to support these worthy charities NO LATER THAN APRIL 30, 2021.

⁠Along with the Imaginary House Tour of 2021, the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club is having a REAL RAFFLE with REAL PRIZES to help raise money for the charities. Purchase of raffle tickets for a chance to win fabulous prizes, valued together at over $7,500 is now closed.

The Club hopes that your generous donations and raffle ticket purchases will raise as much money, if not more, as the House Tours of past years. Results of the fundraiser will be announced during the first weekend of May. 

Thank you in advance for your donation to the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club fundraiser. Your support means a lot to us and is very much appreciated.




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